Cool IML packaging keeps SNO-BALLS TO-GO shaved ice deliciously fresh

26 April 2017

Refreshing shaved ice is especially popular in the United States. That’s why world-famous Sno-Balls now also offers a prepacked Grab-N-Go option. The new product was an immediate hit, but problems soon arose with the cardboard packaging. Sno-Balls contacted plastic packaging producer Berry to help find a solution. The result was an IML packaging beyond Sno-Balls’ wildest dreams: their product stays in perfect condition in the freezer and the contrasting IML labels attract attention on store shelves.

Shaved ice is conquering America
The Loiacono family opened the first Sno-Balls To-Go in 1963. They used an ice shaver or shaved ice machine to turn ice cubes or ice blocks into shaved ice, which they then served in a cup or glass, topped with a delicious, colourful syrup to create the perfect snow cone! The shaved ice they sold from their small stand in New Orleans grew to be a world-famous refreshing treat and today Sno-Balls are available in more than 25 states and over 5,000 stores!

Sno-Balls To-Go!
In 2011, Sno-Balls launched the first Grab-N-Go prepacked Sno-Balls shaved ice. The product has been a huge success from day one and Sno-Balls adds new flavors each year. The product range now boasts 14 different flavors, from classics such as strawberry, banana, and grape to surprising taste experiences like cotton candy, bubble gum, and piña colada. Unfortunately, issues concerning the cardboard packaging arose. The package did not always close properly, causing the product to leak or become dry. In addition, the print quality needed improvement.

Plastic packaging producer Berry offered the perfect solution
Packaging producer Berry has many years of experience and expertise in optimizing packaging and was the absolute best partner to devise a suitable solution. Berry suggested IML packaging to brand owner Sno-Balls as an alternative.

IML for frozen products
Peter Paelinck, Business Development Manager for North America at Verstraete IML, explains, “In-mould labels are extremely resistant to moisture and major temperature fluctuations. This makes them the perfect label solution for plastic packaging for frozen and refrigerated products. In-mould labels are also highly resistant against scratches, tears and wrinkles and the print quality is exceptional: the offset printing technique guarantees high-resolution images in up to eight colors. In addition, a single label lets you decorate all sides of the packaging in a single action.”

MockUp IML shows different look & feel options
Thanks to MockUp IML from Verstraete IML, Berry was able to offer Sno-Balls a variety of look & feel options. MockUp IML is an IML label with a low production cost and short delivery time that serves as the perfect sample. Thanks to MockUp IML the client can choose and approve his favorite look & feel from a number of realistic samples. Brand Owner Sno-Balls was immediately convinced and made the switch to IML and a contrasting combination of Matte IML and UltraGloss IML.

Cool contrasts
Sno-Balls wanted packaging that stands out on store shelves. The combination of Matte and UltraGloss IML is the perfect answer. Matte IML gives the packaging a Matte and natural look, while UltraGloss IML provides a high-gloss finish that intensify the colors. The contrasting combination of the two look & feel options highlights the details in the artwork of the IML label.

Why Verstraete IML?
Nicholas Monroe from Consumer Packaging Division at Berry explains: “The collaboration with Verstraete IML for the production of the new Sno-Balls project went very smoothly. We’ve been working with Verstraete IML for many years now and would definitely recommend them as an IML partner. Thanks to the quality of their IML labels, high-technological production site and excellent customer service Verstraete IML is an easy choice.”

The consumer is content
Chris Cuadrado, Managing Partner at Sno-Balls , comments: “The feedback from customers has been fantastic. The new IML packaging looks amazing.”