Dairy dessert with iconic cat Pribináček gets colorful IML packaging

21 May 2017

Pribináček  creamy dairy dessert was the first Czech product of its type to make the switch to IML packaging. The brand thus killed two birds with one stone in 2015: the product was better protected and it stands out more on store shelves. Early this year the iconic cat Pribináček, the hero of Czech and Slovakian children, received a colorful IML makeover from Verstraete IML and plastic packaging producers Herplast (80 g) and GIZEH Verpackungen (125 g). Brand owner Savencia is very pleased with the new, dynamic artwork.

Small children grow up with Pribináček
Czech and Slovakian children love Pribináček, a traditional creamy dairy dessert available in a wide range of flavors. The flavor and texture are unique; creamy, but just thick enough so children can quickly spoon it up themselves. Plus, Pribináček is traditionally produced using locally sourced dairy products. The dessert was created after WWII, when children were in need of food with a high nutritional value. Pribináček was then marketed as a tasty as well as healthy dessert for kids.

Pribináček for all
Today, Pribináček still focuses on freshness and local ingredients. As the brand launched a larger packaging size 12 years ago for youngsters who wanted to continue eating Pribináček, consumers can now choose between two different sizes: 80 g and 125 g. Injection molder Herplast manufactures the original 80 g packaging and GIZEH Verpackungen produces the 125 g packaging. Although vanilla remains the most popular flavor, Pribináček is now also available in many new flavors, such as coconut or banana, and mixed flavors, like chocolate with vanilla.

From Pribináček in carton to IML
The original Pribináček carton packaging almost immediately lead to challenging problems: the graphic quality was unsatisfactory and the flavors of other foods in the refrigerator transferred their taste and smell to the dessert. That is why Pribináček decided to switch to IML in 2015. They opted for an IML label from Verstraete IML.

Pribináček the cat gets a new outfit
The IML packaging was totally restyled in early 2017. The iconic cat Pribináček is still the center of attention, but the packaging is now even more colorful and dynamic. In addition, children will get to admire Pribináček in his own TV commercials in May and June of this year. Benedict Adins, Regional Sales Manager Southern Europe for Verstraete IML, explains: “Adapting the artwork for an IML label is very simple. The launch of a new design itself barely affects production losses.”

IML is resistant to cold and moisture
Pribináček is the first product of its kind to receive an IML packaging. Thanks to the exceptionally high printing quality, the packaging looks more colorful than ever and stands out on the store shelves. Moreover, the IML packaging is strong and hygienic because it is perfectly resistant to moisture and major temperature fluctuations. That makes IML ideal for frozen and refrigerated products.