Van Gilse’s new cylinder-shaped Orange Peel IML pack sprinkles powdered sugar perfectly

28 March 2017

Leading Dutch sugar manufacturer Suiker Unie wanted an alternative to its cardboard cylindrical packs.  They chose a cylindrical IML pack with an Orange Peel IML look. Unique in its category, the pack stands out on Belgian and Dutch retail shelves. And the pack offers a great consumer benefit - it makes it easy to pour a measured dose of sugar.

The sweet life
For years Van Gilse, Suiker Unie’s consumer brand and part of the Royal Cosun group, has been the leading sugar manufacturer in the Netherlands. Set up more than 100 years ago, Van Gilse literally rose from the country’s extensive sugar beet fields, putting more than 30 sugar specialty products on the market. The sugar specialist’s brand thus became a staple in Dutch and Belgian households, as well as in the popular street stands that sell the country’s traditional mini pancakes (poffertjes), deep-fried doughnuts (oliebollen) and other powdered sugar-coated snacks.

Shake before use
Packaging manufacturer Hordijk produces the IML cylindrical packs for powdered sugar and cinnamon sugar in two sizes:  125 g and 250 g. The distinctive dispenser cap makes application easy for the consumer.  Small or large quantity? Everything is possible! The smaller holes in the pack’s cap are perfect for sprinkling powdered sugar on pancakes and fritters.  The larger aperture dispenses greater quantities of sugar, which is ideal for the pastry bakers among us.  In addition, the tamper-evident tab ensures a first user guarantee.

Entire pack in mono-material
Hordijk explains: “The tube, IML label and dispenser cap are all made from the same material: polypropylene. This mono-material usage makes the entire pack 100% recyclable, giving it a chance to a second life after usage. The IML label also saves a step in the manufacturing process, since the labels and sleeves do not have to be applied to the packaging anymore at the end of the production flow.

Verstraete IML guarantees quality labels
Hordijk continues: “The main technical challenges we had to surmount? Achieving a constant wall thickness in the entire cylinder and positioning the elongated label perfectly in the mould. Only then the label fits properly in the cylindrical pack and the artwork perfectly forms a continuous IML label. We relied on Verstraete IML for the IML labels knowing that they are a reliable IML partner that guarantees quality in terms of fit, printing colour, workability and reliable supply.”

Orange Peel IML label
Jan Van Iseghem, Verstraete IML Sales Manager for Northern Europe, explains: “An IML label provides outstanding printing quality. Just look at the blue sky on the label - it’s such a radiant, clear blue! The brand owner also chose an Orange Peel finish, so the pack is pleasant to touch and hold.  The feel of Orange Peel IML also reflects Van Gilse’s brand values and the benefits of the product: authenticity, quality and enjoyment”.