We continuously improve together

23 April 2017

Getting even better together. This is an ambition held by each of our over 550 Verstraete IML employees. And who can make better proposals in this regard than those who have both feet firmly in the everyday reality? We are developing the best ideas thanks to our consultation channel JIT – short for Jouw Idee/Info Telt (Your Idea/Info Matters in English).

Innovation is in our DNA. This is expressed in innovative processes and products, as well as in the way we deal with our employees. Their voices count too – especially when they believe that something could be done better. We even went a step further by creating the necessary consultation channels to make it as easy as possible for them to express their ideas.

Jouw Idee/Info Telt (Your Idea/Info Matters)
Colleagues can submit their ideas via our intranet or during a personal talk with a JIT representative. All these representatives come together monthly to present and discuss their department’s newest proposals. If an idea is given the green light, a team of department members and coaches will get together in order to develop the proposal and implement it.

Each idea is equally embraced
We were able to implement approximately 187 JIT ideas in 2016. That’s an increase of 76 compared to 2015, the year in which JIT was launched. Our employees primarily suggest technical improvements that benefit efficiency. The proposals do not always have to  involve major transformations. On the contrary! Think about little changes such as taping the emergency number to the telephones. In addition, a lot of ideas about well-being and vitality on the work floor have been brought up. The purchase of several stability balls for example was a JIT idea.

Scoring for the team
To give this creative corporate culture an added boost, we have linked a fun competition to JIT. The teams earn points for every implemented JIT idea. Every year the final ranking is revealed in January. The higher a team finishes in the ranking, the more budget they receive to organise a group activity. Dinner at a wok restaurant, a couple of bowling games, a guided tour in a brewery and a pizza party are only a few examples of the activities that have already been organised for our colleagues.

The treasure of transparency
There are no hidden agendas at Verstraete IML. Everyone can keep an eye on the submitted proposals, selected ideas and concrete developments using the intranet. Naturally, this is where we also share the photos taken during the team-building activities that have been earned through JIT.