Scoop: launch of IML colour profiles at Colour Management Event

Printed colours that do not completely match the colour proof issued by the design bureau. This is a common problem in the packaging industry – even for IML packaging. This is because certain CMYK colours and spot colours (such as PANTONE) cannot be reproduced with 100% accuracy in the IML process. But you don't want the printing result to be different. Therefore, as your IML expert, we searched for an appropriate solution.

New IML colour profiles
Verstraete IML is known for innovation: in products and processes. And our new range of IML colour profiles is a perfect example of this. Thanks to these colour profiles, a colour proof can be made as close to the final printing result as possible. That way you, as a customer, are assured in advance of the colour you will receive, allowing you to make adjustments if necessary. Could you use technical help or would you like some colour advice? Your IML expert will show you and your customer the way forward.

IML colours in practice

Verstraete IML has distanced itself from the ISO standard and will, always in consultation with the customer, apply their own IML profiles. There are 9 profiles in total. Each profile is a combination of a specific type of polypropylene and an ink application. For example we have inks that can withstand sunlight, dishwashers and pasteurisation. No need to worry: as a customer, you still provide your artwork in the same way as you did before. But the new profiles allow us to deliver a better colour proof to you.

The advantages
These are the 3 advantages of our new IML colour profiles:

  1. A colour proof that represents the final printing result as closely as possible
  2. Less colour references for approval: one proof for CMYK and spot colours
  3. More transparency through clear communication about the possibilities of IML colour space

Do you have any questions or would you like to attend a workshop on these new IML colour profiles? Let us know using the form below.