Social Media

Why do we feel that social media is important?

Some time ago we asked ourselves the question: ‘Should we enter in the world of social media?’
While social media began as a way to connect friends and family, it has become the norm for all types of businesses to have a social media presence. At Verstraete we got more and more convinced of this strategy. Not because we should follow the trend, but because we want to engage with you.

“The one reason why we are active on social media
is because we want to engage with you.”

Do you also want to share your ideas with us? Then let’s get closer too and connect on social media:


Your input is of great value to us
At Verstraete IML we place a great deal of importance on our corporate values. They are represented by the acronym ‘FLOW’ (Flexibility, Learning capacity, Open Communication, Working in team). 

Open Communication occurs when all parties are able to express ideas to one another. We feel that this is essential, not only on the working place, but also between our customers and partners. Creating an atmosphere of open communication allows for the flow of energy and creativity.

Social media helps us to achieve this goal: we can share our story with you. But even more important, it is a way for us to connect with you. It creates the opportunity to interact with each other on different topics. Your input is of great value to us.

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