Environmental policy

For Verstraete IML, sustainability means continually striving to minimise our impact on the environment.
Our high-tech production equipment and continued investment in the required resources help us protect the environment and prevent pollution in all phases of the life cycle.

We take the impact on the environment into account when buying raw materials and energy, as well as when introducing new processes. To do this, we work proactively with our suppliers and relevant stakeholders throughout the chain, such as in the development of thinner film, energy-efficient processes, and the purchase of green power.

For the production of IML labels, we minimise the impact of our processes on the environment, and we focus on rational use of energy and reducing our CO2 footprint, reducing our waste, and reducing the consumption of raw materials.

When developing innovations, we pay special attention to increasing the functionality of the final packaging. This means we can extend the shelf life of the packaged goods; for example, by integrating an oxygen or light-barrier into our labels.

Verstraete IML works actively to maximise recyclability of the packaging after use, thus closing the loop. We also develop packaging that breaks down naturally. We participate in NPEC (New Plastics Economy Forum) and conduct research on the biodegradability of IML labels.

Good management, a family atmosphere, an innovative character and an entrepreneurial spirit are the pillars of a culture of continuous improvement. Verstraete IML is transparent in its communications concerning its objectives and achievements through various online and offline communication channels.

We work in a food safe environment and count on the quality, safety and environmental awareness of our employees. They are actively involved in the challenges posed by the market.

In order to further achieve our policy, we rely on our established management system
& legislation. For example, we are compliant with:

• Quality Standard ISO 9001,
• Food Safety Standard BRC/IoP,
• Environmental Standard ISO 14001,
• Food Safety Standard FDA/ IMS,
• All relevant legal requirements with particular attention to prevention, environmental and food safety legislation.