We strive to achieve added value for our customers and partners by supplying state-of-the-art IML labels and by offering excellent service. In addition, we also focus on our responsibility towards the community, our employees and other stakeholders. These measures are less visible to our environment. 

Verstraete IML attaches great importance to sustainable development. In mould labelling contributes to environment protection: the packaging and the label are made of the same material. This forms a mono packaging that can be fully recycled. This enables us to ensure that the raw materials that we use have the longest possible service life.

Plastic Recycling Verstraete (PRV), the spin-off company of Verstraete IML processes 3,500 tons of polypropylene waste each year into the new basic raw materials, PP granules. And each day, the machine runs at full capacity in order to give its own industrial waste a new life. Verstraete IML also strives to constantly reduce its energy consumption.