Barrier IML labels

Barrier IML is the most efficient and sustainable technique to produce plastic packaging with a barrier function. The name speaks for itself: with Barrier IML, a barrier is created between the contents of the packaging and anything (potentially) harmful from the external environment. In one single step, using a multi-layered IML film, combine the advantages of high quality IML decoration with a barrier function.

Barrier IML simplifies the production process considerably:

  • The packaging is produced and decorated in one step.
  • Optimized supply chain: storage and transportation costs are a thing of the past.
  • The result is a decrease in energy consumption and fewer CO₂ emissions.

With minimal investment, your existing packaging is transformed into an active Barrier IML packaging.
Verstraete IML offers two main types of IML barrier labels: oxygen barrier IML labels and light barrier IML labels.