DoubleSided IML

DoubleSided IML is an IML label that is printed on both sides.

There are numerous reasons why your packaging benefits from the use of Doublesided IML:

  • Make a suggestion on how to use your product, such as a recipe.
  • Invite the consumer to purchase the product again.
  • Thank your consumers for buying your product.
  • Show an indicator scale for easy dosing.
  • Give an incentive to visit your company website or participate in a contest.
  • Stimulate cross-selling by promoting other products of your brand.
  • Provide all legally required labeling information.

DoubleSided IML offers a solution for the new European legislation that demands food packaging labels to contain more information. DoubleSided IML labels offer food producers twice the printing space of a traditional IML label.

When choosing DoubleSided IML, a couple of technical and design aspects need to be considered. Request our innovation leaflet here and learn all about it.

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  • Use both IML label sides for printing.
  • Great marketing opportunities.