Peelable IML

Businesses are always looking for new ways to seduce the consumer. IML meets this need, thanks in part to the high graphic quality of the labels. Verstraete extends the use of these labels even further.

We offer peelable labels that the consumer can easily peel from the packaging. These peelable labels enable producers to meet the consumer’s demands. With the label removed, the consumer is left with a neutral packaging item, which he can re-use, as a storage box for instance. A peelable label is an elegant solution in campaigns involving competition points and discount vouchers. The consumer no longer needs to cut the packaging into pieces or fiddle around trying to remove a paper label. A peelable label is a very user-friendly alternative.

Making it even easier to peel the label from the packaging we provide a lip,  that the consumer can use to remove the label.

This innovation can be combined with our DoubleSided IML, offering packaging with a peelable label that contains product information on the back.

Some of our customers have created great on-the-go packaging with spoon-in-the-lids solutions, combining stunning graphics with a spoon peelable from the label.

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