Consumers prefer cheese in handy, reclosable packaging. And therefore producers want to provide distinctive packaging that stands out thanks to beautiful and stylish details. In mould labels meet and exceed these requirements.

Cool cheese packaging design

It is fascinating to see how form and functionality are combined in the design of plastic cheese packaging. We are pleased to present a number of original types of cheese packaging. The hexagonal shape of the Saint Albray cream cheese catches the eye straight away. Technically this is a daring achievement, with a 6-sided label fixed to the container. In addition, the PP colour is adapted to the different cheese flavours. The firm Chaume cheese is packaged in a transparent cheese cover, which is shaped like a cheese point. This cover is resealable on a cardboard carrier and keeps the beautiful texture of this cheese clearly visible to win over the consumer.

Another example of ease of use and resealability is the Cave de Roquefort packaging. Via a sliding drawer it is easy to taste this blue-veined cheese before storing it odourlessly in the fridge until next time. Today, the white Ricotta and Mozzarella cheeses are also offered in plastic IML containers. They are are resealable, in contrast to the familiar plastic flow wrap (pouch) packaging.

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