Inspection Friendly IML

Inspection Friendly IML labels improve your quality, your production efficiency and save money.

Brand owners are demanding zero tolerance defects in packaging. Fortunately, today converters have access to high tech camera vision inspection systems to check each individual packaging to ensure all goods delivered are top notch. The slightest quality deviation makes the inspection system to decide to discard the affected packaging and to throw it in the scrapbin.

So on one side we have the pressure to reach the zero tolerance target and on the other hand we have IML packaging with not always the most easiest combination of label and masterbatch to be checked. For example: a white label on a white masterbatch having almost no contrasts, a transparent label on a transparent packaging or printed colours on the overlap of the label that influences the camera’s image.

These challenging combinations - checked by vision systems with a very tight operational window - often result in excessive scrap rates. Although the vision systems operate very well today, we can even support them more in their challenges, by using Inspection Friendly IML labels.

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