Press operator assistant with ambition

Job with considerable variation

“Together with the printer, I ensure an error-free supply and flow of printing materials. Working as an assistant printer is both challenging and varied. And you get to work with hi-tech machinery and have the opportunity to use the latest technologies.”

Verstraete IML invests in talent

“I learned about Verstraete IML while studying print media at the VTI  technical institute in Bruges. The school has been working together with Verstraete IML with workplace learning for years. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to immediately apply theory in practice. I was also able to complete my internship at Verstraete IML. It didn’t take long for me to decide to start working right after graduation. They really invest in your talents here, give you the possibility to prove yourself and the advancement opportunities are exceptional. For example, after only two years, assistant printers are given the chance to progress to the position of printer.”

Gianni Haesebrouck - Press operator assistant