Our values: FLOW

Top performances in sports, art or in business which are a result of the full use of competences, talents and efficiency occur in FLOW.

Verstraete in mold labels aspires to be an organization of peak performances, individually as well as in team. We stimulate our employees to pursue their strong points.
The success of our unique corporate culture lies in our corporate values and our active value management:

Flexibility – We are able to creatively adapt our ideas, our behaviour and our working methods to change, develop new procedures, new technologies and other ways of thinking.

Learning capacity – Our supervisors and our employees are able to take action to discover and develop their competences.

Open communication – We have an open culture of dialogue in which we want to communicate in a proactive, concrete and a solution-oriented way. We stimulate our employees to give and ask for honest feedback.

Working in team – Our  employees work together  in a respectful way and realize their goals in team. They take their own responsibilities, which results in mutual trust, and share knowledge with each other.