Working at Verstraete in mold labels

Verstraete in mold labels produces high quality printed IML labels. IML is the technique that our customers use in producing plastic packaging - our label and the package fuse as one. Important applications are for example ice cream and margarine packaging, paint containers, etc.

4 great reasons to work at Verstraete IML!

Verstraete in mold labels is a growing company with an international character. At our company you can work for a global player. At our plants in Belgium we produce more than 45 million IML labels every single day. 35% of these labels are exported outside Europe. Thanks to the talent of our 550 employees our turnover increased to 118 million euro in 2016.

You will enter a learning organization that invests in her employees. New employees receive a training plan and are coached by a godfather or a godmother. We stimulate our employees to improve their competences through various training options. We believe in our employees and their talents. We stimulate our employees to continue to grow, discover and expand their talents. Our company gives your career all kinds of opportunities.

Verstraete in mold labels has highly technological production equipment. You get the chance to work in a pleasant working environment with modern working facilities. 



We are a family company with a focus on proper management. We have an open and spontaneous corporate culture with a family character which we support with strong value management.