Expert Talks

At Verstraete IML, we know how to make your IML packaging perform. We happily share our 30 years worth of knowledge and experience with you in order to make your IML project an even bigger success. Tune in on one of our live Expert Talk webinars and become an IML Expert yourself in only 30 minutes!

Missed out on a webinar? No worries, we got you covered. Request the webinar video download and catch up with the latest IML trends!

How to pimp your packaging

A lot of new and exciting IML novelties have hit the market. During this Expert Talk webinar on 'How to pimp your packaging' we present some of our latest innovations that truly add value to your packaging in terms of shelf life and/or standing out on the shelf.

5 steps to successfully launch your IML project

From concept stage to delivery at your premises, every step of the IML label journey has its specific requirements and technical points of attention.
What does it take for an IML project to run smoothly and quickly, from the first sketch to the product launch?

Barrier IML: Protection, Performance & Appearance

Learn how Barrier IML can help your package to meet your customers’ needs for
• 'cleaner' products with less or no preservatives
• freshness and long preservability to avoid food waste
• sustainable, easy-to-recycle packaging

Interactive IML: Control, Engage, Recycle

Making your packaging intelligent is a powerful asset throughout the package journey: from manufacturing and distribution to store shelves and consumer cupboards, and eventually all the way to the recycling centers. In this webinar, experts from Verstraete IML, Digimarc and Talkin' Things will look specifically at the potential of interactive in mould labeling (IML), providing an overview of how this powerful packaging technology works and looking at key benefits across a variety of stakeholder groups along the package journey.

Sustainability: Your focus on packaging determines the future

Sustainable packaging is becoming the new normal. And it should be, as by making our plastic packaging as light, recyclable or reusable as possible, we contribute to a circular economy and an overall sustainable future.
In this Expert Talk webinar you’ll learn that meeting sustainable requirements and reaching your sustainability goals is more within reach than you’d think.

What drives the IML business today

Is optimising your packaging projects your number 1 priority?
Then most likely, you're open to inspiration, trend insights and new ideas that will help you create your next successful product packaging!