FUSE Magazine

The FUSE magazine is an annual magazine, published by Verstraete IML.
The name 'FUSE' is derived from the IML technique, where the IML label fuses with the molten PP.

FUSE Magazine - 2019 edition

With our FUSE magazine we show readers - for the third time already - a behind the scenes of what we realize for and together with our customers on a daily basis.

As usual, this magazine is packed with IML-news: international customer cases about inspiring IML-innovations, the latest trends in the packaging industry and the efforts we make when it comes to sustainability and circular economy.

Request your FUSE here and get to know us and the colorful and surprising world of in mold labeling (even) better!


FUSE Magazine - 2020 Edition

This 4th edition of our FUSE magazine again comes with a truckload of new insights and ideas.

Get inspired and fuel your projects with our latest IML-news: successful customer cases about IML-innovations in different market segments, insights in IML trends and solutions for packaging optimisation, testimonials by brand owners on what they search for in today's packaging, ...

Request your FUSE here and get the full inspirational experience to drive your projects in the right direction!

FUSE Magazine - Edition 2016/2017

The launch of our first magazine, called ‘FUSE’, was given a very positive reception.
It is a mix of several ingredients: customer cases, inteviews, product and process novelties.

FUSE Magazine - Edition 2018

With our desire to share our IML and packaging knowledge came the launch of our first FUSE magazine in 2016. It was welcomed very enthusiastic.
In this second edition we want to continue in the same vein.

This brand new magazine is packed with up-to-date IML news: