Innovation leaflets

Innovation always needs explanation. In our leaflets, we take a closer look at the market possibilities and technical characteristics of each one of our innovations. 

Barrier IML

Barrier IML is one of the techniques used to produce plastic packaging with a barrier function. The purpose of this is to form a barrier between the contents of the packaging and anything harmful from the external environment that may affect the contents.

DoubleSided IML

DoubleSided IML labels - printed on both sides - offer a lot of new marketing possibilities. Learn more about the use of DoubleSided IML labels and the design and injection moulding guidelines to take into account.

Inspection Friendly IML

Inspection Friendly IML labels are IML labels that are supporting the efficiency of the high tech camera vision inspection
systems by having extra features. There are 2 different techniques of supporting:

  • FluoBackSide IML
  • Invisible Ink IML

Inspection Friendly IML labels improve your quality, your production efficiency and save money.

The innovation leaflet covers these topics in detail:

Matt IML and UltraGloss IML

Matt IML is an IML label that gives your packaging a mat, natural look. With an UltraGloss IML label, the packaging has a high-gloss finish, making the colours even more intense. Matt IML and UltraGloss IML both offer you a wide range of possibilities to take the look & feel of your packaging to a higher level.

Metallic IML

Metallic IML labels ensure that your product stands out on store shelves. Metallic IML will give your packaging a premium metallic look. Find out about the markets in which this innovation already has a proven track record, and send us a request for our innovation leaflet.

MockUp IML

MockUp IML labels will support you in your sales activities. These digitally printed IML labels, produced at low cost and with a short lead time, allow you to offer your customers samples of the final product.
Discover all about the marketing possibilities as well as the order flow in our innovation leaflet.

Peelable IML

A Peelable IML label is an IML label which can be easily removed by the consumer.

Reverse IML

A Reverse IML label is an IML label printed on the back of transparent film. Reverse IML has numerous look & feel options and functional possibilities. A specially developed lacquer ensures that the fusion is sufficiently strong.