Technical documentation

This section is dedicated to technical information and easy-to-use documents. These documents offer basic education about IML material options. 

Injection moulding IML: look and feel options

This technical document offers an overview of the different materials that are suitable for injection moulding IML. Learn more about material definitions, characteristics and application details. The document includes some fascinating packaging pictures. 

Blow moulding IML: look and feel options

Blow moulding is a technique used for the production of hollow plastic parts. This technical document will cover the following topics in detail:

1. More options for optimal emotions
2. What is blow moulding IML ?
3. Customer case
4. IML look & feel options

Thermoforming IML: explaining the options

Although quite new as technology, Verstraete offers several material possibilities for thermoforming IML. Learn more about them in this technical document.