White papers

In our white papers, we offer a structured overview on a specific topic. Through hands-on explanations we take a deep dive into a specific IML related theme. All white papers come with interesting lists of do’s and don’ts.

How to start an IML project

Verstraete makes things especially convenient for its customers. Starting up a new IML project requires good preparation. Based on our knowledge and experience, we’ve made a shortlist of 5 essential steps to take. Happy to share these with you in this white paper.

Tips on storing and processing IML labels

An in mould label (IML) is sensitive to temperature and atmospheric humidity. Therefore it is important to store the labels in the correct conditions and to prepare them carefully to ensure smooth production. In this white paper we provide a number of tips on how you can optimise production.

Prepress workflow and specifications

Verstraete IML strives for the ultimate quality for your IML labels. This document provides you with more information about the workflow of our Prepress Department. Also included is an overview of a number of important points you must consider when providing us with your artwork. These guidelines are intended to benefit the quality of your IML labels. Artwork files that are delivered in the proper form ensure quick service and an optimal end result.

Practical guidelines to evaluate colours

Evaluating colours in an artwork is not an easy job, neither is determining the upper and lower limits. These guidelines will help you understand how artwork is printed in CMYK and pantone colours. Additionally, we explain how to evaluate both.

How to follow-up on IML tests successfully

IML trials are important for validating the IML label shape, material and machine settings. To help you evaluate the trials on different parameters, we compiled this interesting white paper. Consider it as a structured guideline on what to watch out for when evaluating IML trials.