Interactive IML: Control, Engage, Recycle

Making your packaging intelligent is a powerful asset throughout the package journey: from manufacturing and distribution to store shelves and consumer cupboards, and eventually all the way to the recycling centers.

Attain better results from the first steps of the production process on: make automatic identification of packaging easier, reduce scrap rates, increase anti-mixing results, ...
As a retailer, improve throughput at checkout, reduce waste and achieve more accurate inventory counts.

With Interactive IML, consumer interaction is right around the corner. Connect consumers with digital product information, while driving brand advocacy and loyalty. In your turn, benefit from valuable big data and consumer information!

Add a digital recycling passport to your packaging, which can be read by future sorting machines enabling intelligent hyper sorting of plastic packaging waste. Interactive IML is HolyGrail2.0 compatible and supports the circular economy, resulting in high quality recycled materials ready to be used over and over again.

Why watch this webinar?

  • Learn how Interactive IML supports you in every step of the packaging journey
  • Experts³: Verstraete IML, Digimarc and Talkin’ Things join forces!
  • Discover all the ins and outs on intelligent packaging
  • Find out how engaging content boosts your brand

Duration: 30 minutes
Speakers: Nico Van de Walle, Product & Circular Economy Manager at Verstraete IML; Claudius Jaeger, European Sales Director at Digimarc; Jacek Terski, Director of Client Developement at Talkin' Things
Language spoken: English