Reusable drinking cups

Plastics play an important role in both our economy and our daily lives – but the way plastic products are currently designed, produced, used and discarded harms the environment. One of the actions that can be taken, is to no longer produce single-use plastic drinking cups but reusable plastic drinking cups.

Do you want to decorate reusable drinking cups?
Verstraete IML produces Reverse IML labels. This in mold label is printed on the back of a transparent film. After injection, the printed artwork is sandwiched between the label and the PP cup. This means that the print is optimally protected. You could compare it to the protection offered by a laminated label.
Advantages of a Reverse IML label:

  • Fully recyclable
  • Dishwasher-proof
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Odorless
  • No direct contact between print and cup
  • cost-efficient: single step production and decoration
  • Numerous look&feel options:
    Soft Touch
    Frosted Look
    UltraGloss Look
    And more.

Choose for IML and turn your drinking cup into a collector’s item
By choosing for IML as a decoration technique, you choose for a label with exceptional quality thanks to the high-resolution images. You can even decorate the complete cup! In combination with a highly attractive design, your reusable drinking cup will become a collector’s item. And who wants to throw away a real showpiece?

Connect with your consumer
Why not using the reusable drinking cups to create a community among the users, the festival organizers and the breweries? This can be achieved by making the Reverse IML label interactive with the use of digital watermarks. Thanks to these digital watermarks the drinking cup is scannable with smart phones or any kind of scanners.
There is no need for extra tags on the label nor on the cup. The scannable but invisible digital watermark is hidden in the artwork ensuring that the cup remains 100% recyclable.
Engage with your consumers through loyalty programs, discounts based on number of re-uses, games, publicity, and many more.
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