Metallic IML FOIL

Metallic IML FOIL labels are produced by applying a layer of aluminum foil to the desired base film. The natural silver colour of this metallised foil can be preserved. The layer can also be printed with extra colours. The main advantage of metallic IML FOIL is that its metallic look exceeds by far the look of standard metallic inks. Metallic IML FOIL labels are used in the following markets:

  • Paint
    Thanks to Metallic IMLFOIL the look of metal buckets can be matched in plastic.  A photographic quality is guaranteed.
  • Cosmetics
    This market wants to go well beyond successful user-friendly packaging. Attractive and target-specific designs are also extremely important. Metallic IMLFOIL can also give such packaging the extra touch that it requires!
  • Exclusive foodstuffs
    Metallic IMLFOIL provides the packaging with a look that is consistent with the positioning of the product: exclusivity.
  • Storage boxes
    Use Metallic IMLFOIL to differentiate your storage box from standard storage boxes. This innovation gives your box a unique and striking appearance.

Various brand owners appreciate the extra branding and diversification opportunities offered by metallic IML FOIL. The transition from metal to plastic packaging using metallic IML is a guaranteed cost-efficient solution.

If you opt to use Metallic IML, you should take certain technical characteristics into account. Please request our innovation folder, and find out all about this innovation.

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