A fresh look for some favourite snacks

26 November 2020
Nordthy Salt Snacks & Verstraete IML

• Nordthy wanted to re-launch its popular salty snacks with modern packaging
• Choosing IML, their packaging becomes fully and easily recyclable and gets a powerful visual punch
• Consumers seem to love the new packaging, resulting in excellent sales

For many years, Nordthy has been delighting partygoers of all ages with delicious, salty snacks. When the time came to give their crowd favourites a new look, they enlisted the help of Kellpo - known for their state-of-the-art tools and production equipment. Teaming up with the experts at Verstraete IML, Kellpo breathed new life into Nordthy’s snacks by creating more sustainable and eye-catching packaging.

We had a chat with Ole Frost Jensen, Sales and R&D Manager at Kellpo, and Roy Pedersen, Sales and Purchasing manager at Nordthy, to find out more about this product makeover and the results yielded so far.

Can you tell us a bit about Kellpo and Nordthy?

Jensen: At Kellpo, we offer unique packaging solutions thanks to our cutting-edge tools and production equipment. With 25 years of experience manufacturing moulds for the packaging industry, we specialise in plastics engineering and have positioned ourselves as the preferred supplier for many leading packaging manufacturers throughout Europe. Our focus is on creating high-quality, customised solutions. We achieve this by working closely with our customers from the first, fledgling idea right through to the finished product. Sustainability is a key factor in our designs; we aim to minimize the materials used and maximise recyclability.

Pedersen: Nordthy is a trading company in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market. Founded in 1966, we’re a family-centred enterprise – in fact, the founder himself still works on a daily basis, even at the age of 74! Much of the business is managed by second- and third-generation family members. They oversee sales to all the major chains in Denmark, as well as exports to Sweden, Iceland, the Netherlands, France and Germany. We supply goods to over 30 manufacturers, all around the world, for both the Nordthy brand and private label brands as well.

Can you tell us more about the product at the centre of this latest venture?

Pedersen: Our Salt Sticks, Salt Snacks and Mix Salty Crackers have been around for a long time, delighting the tastebuds of people of all ages. Whether you’re at a child’s birthday party, enjoying a glass of wine on a sunlit terrace, or indulging in a midnight snack - these products offer a delicious, salty crunch that enhances the moment. Re-launching them with modern packaging has helped us to reach an even wider customer base and we are more than happy with the increase in sales!
What made you choose in mould labeling (IML) as the basis for creating this new look?

Pedersen: In the old days, our products were labelled with stickers. These were a hassle to wash off in order to recycle the packaging and they lacked a powerful visual punch. IML enabled us to swiftly solve both of these issues. Not only is the packaging more environmentally friendly, but the fresh look attracts the eye, meaning more people notice and purchase our products.

What makes this packaging different to similar products?

“ The Nordthy snack boxes amazed me at first glance. They stand out in their product segment by their original shape and fresh looking artwork.” 
Ann Debrandere, Internal Sales at Verstraete in mould labels

Jensen: It’s incredibly versatile. The rigidity of the plastic makes it ideal for a wide range of products. In fact, the packaging design was initially developed for the coconut-covered marshmallows known as Snowballs before being customised for Nordthy’s salty snacks.

Can you tell us more about how Verstraete IML fits into the picture?

Jensen: At this point, Kellpo and Verstraete IML are old friends. We’ve worked together on many projects, not only achieving difficult targets, but doing so in record time. The friendly and willing attitude of the staff at Verstraete IML makes it easy to work together to create something unique. On this project, we combined our strengths and resources every step of the way: designing the parts, moulds and labels, creating the machines and equipment to automate IML, manufacturing thin-walled packaging tools and IML cutting tools, approving Cromalin colour proofing, producing the IML and launching production of the end product - ultimately delivering a packaging solution that embodies everything Nordthy asked for.

Did you run into technical difficulties along the way?

Jensen: We hit a few snags when designing the labels, but Verstraete IML quickly helped us solve the issues and get back on track. When the parts and moulds are designed especially for IML production, it tends to go off without a hitch - which is one of the great advantages of IML!

Now that the products have hit the shelves, are you seeing the results you’d hoped for?

Pedersen: Absolutely! These products have been very well received. We’ve enjoyed excellent sales from day one and this looks set to continue. Plus, we’re not stopping there - we’ve just customised the packaging for a fourth product. It’s not on sale yet, but based on the success so far, our expectations are high.

Would you recommend IML to other manufacturers looking to upgrade their packaging?

Jensen: In a heartbeat. Appearance is everything. With IML, you give your product a fresh, enticing look - which is a huge part of the total product experience. This is where Kellpo and Verstraete IML are able to really make a difference. We provide innovative, customised solutions that are functional, creative and stand out from the crowd. At Kellpo, we’re thrilled to have enabled Nordthy to take advantage of IML in their redesign. It’s a success story we’re proud to be a part of.