Metallic IML means Milegrin seafood preserves look as good as they taste

24 February 2021
  • Meridian launched premium brand Milegrin to offer premium seafood 
  • Metallic IML was deployed to emphasize the high-end image
  • Due to great success, new recipes are already being developed 

Founded in 1978, Meridian has spent over 40 years satisfying seafood cravings in Russia. As the largest producer of ready-to-eat fish and seafood products in the Russian market, they know how to give the people what they want. And in 2020, they want gourmet seafood preserves.

Seafood for gourmets  

A Russian favourite, seafood preserves are widely available in a variety of styles and price brackets. Even so, connoisseurs were hungry for something more spectacular. Meridian seized this opportunity with Milegrin, a brand designed to deliver unique, ready-to-eat products that satisfy even the most discerning palates. Their premium seafood preserves pack more punch than anything else on the market. Consumers taste the French countryside with selected mussels in oil with Provencal herbs, savour a fiery mouthful of satisfaction with selected mussels in oil with chilli pepper, or enjoy squid straws and tentacles together in brine for a low-calorie protein hit.

‘Milegrin is all about offering consumers a first-class experience,’ says Anastasia Andrianova, Chief Brand Manager at Meridian. ‘We only use top-quality ingredients and our exclusive seafood recipes combine herbs and spices in unique and enchanting ways.’

First impression counts  

The next step for Meridian was to enhance Milegrin products with innovative packaging. First impressions count; customers should know they’re looking at a premium product from the very first glance. Meridian approached long-time packaging partner Mir Upakovki, looking for something bright and charming, with a sophistication that appeals to high-end consumers. ‘Milegrin seafood preserves really are the best of the best. Meridian needed attractive and innovative packaging to reflect the superb calibre of their products,’ recounts Boris Tarakanov, Key Account Manager at Mir Upakovki: “we had no doubts that In-Mould-Labeling technology will be the best solution and with our more than 15 years experience at that field, we were confident to find the look-and-feel that will satisfy the request of Meridian”.

“we had no doubts that In-Mould-Labeling technology will be the best solution and with our more than 15 years experience at that field, we were confident to find the look-and-feel that will satisfy the request of Meridian”

Premium product 

Already familiar with the benefits of in-mould labeling (IML), Mir Upakovki called on Verstraete IML to find the best-performing and best-looking solution. They trialled several IML film options before deciding on a glossy-look film with metallic foil. It was a decision that did not surprise Mikhail Britcyn, Regional Sales Manager at Verstraete IML. ‘Metallic IML doesn’t just capture attention, it delivers a message,’ he states emphatically. ‘It says, “This brand is a big deal!” The customer immediately knows they’re looking at a premium product.’

Triple profit  

It’s not just the label that makes the packaging for Milegrin seafood preserves stand out from the rest. A taller-than-usual design gives the containers added elegance; they’re literally head and shoulders above everything else on the shelf. And whilst Metallic IML ensures the packaging attracts attention, the transparent lid allows the food itself to shine. It’s a unique feature that lets Milegrin’s seafood preserves entice the customer directly. Moreover, thanks to IML, both the container and the lid are completely recyclable. This sustainable packaging solution is good for Meridian, good for the customers and ultimately good for the environment. That’s a triple-win.

Only the beginning 

For Milegrin seafood preserves, this success story is just beginning. In February 2020, the range was presented at Prodexpo, the largest international exhibition of food and beverages in Russia and Eastern Europe. It received great appreciation from industry experts, gaining attention for a design that tantalises the senses on several levels. Milegrin’s premium seafood preserves are rushing out the doors of Russian supermarkets. And plans are already in the works to enrich and expand the burgeoning Milegrin line; new, exciting recipes and seafood combinations are on the way.