Omega Paints accentuates quality with Metallic IML

25 November 2015

Omega Paints, a tried-and-tested player in the Lebanese paint industry, excels in innovation and passion for perfection. The paint giant is known for the superior quality of its paint products, and is now accentuating this quality with brand-new Metallic IML Foil packaging.

Technical know-how guarantees high-quality products

From the first day when Mohamad Ali Maatouk & Iman Hamzeh Harb decided to establish a paint company in 1999, the pursuing of perfection was their target in every single product they planned to produce. They managed to stay ahead of the competition by developing new products and services based on the needs of their customers and the market demand. Omega Paints provides high quality products and is known for innovation, passion for perfection, outstanding customer service and technical support.

IML packaging for the complete range

Mohammad Ali Maatouk (General Manager Omega Paints): “We have an innovative character. That’s why we were looking for packaging that caught the eye on the shelf, and would emphasise the superior quality of our products.  We quickly arrived at IML. IML distinguishes us from other paint manufacturers, and offers us the high quality our products deserve. Furthermore, IML packaging is 100% recyclable. By now, almost our entire our product range has gone over from metal to IML packaging. That's how satisfied we are with the result.”

Metallic IML Foil  for a premium look

“Thanks to Metallic IML FOIL , we now create the same luxurious, metallic look with plastic buckets that we had with our metal buckets. Furthermore, IML guarantees the photographic quality of our labels. Metallic IML FOIL gives us the advantages of plastic packaging, combined with a luxurious, metallic look that matches our products,” explains Mohammad Ali Maatouk.

IML labels exude luxury and quality

Mohammad Ali Maatouk: “The design of our IML label must above all emphasise the decorative aspect of our product. That’s why we chose a label with a decorative design. The accents in the Metallic FOIL highlight the high quality and luxurious character of our products.”

Injection moulder Rapid Industries (Yorpak) chose Verstraete IML as its partner

Taleb Saad (Deputy General Manager Yorpak): “We were looking for a supplier of IML labels for Omega Paints that would offer us top quality and excellent service. Because Omega Paints aims to distinguish itself from other Lebanese paint manufacturers. That’s how we ended up with Verstraete IML. Verstraete IML has an innovative character and produces technically high-standard IML labels. The choice was soon made.”

Service in our own language at regional offices

“Verstraete IML works all over the world from its regional offices. Even in Beirut, where they talk in our own language. And, Verstraete IML knows the local, Lebanese market inside-out. Plus, they supply their products quickly and at extremely competitive prices,” adds Taleb Saad. 

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