SuperClear IML takes on-the-go tomato snacks containers to the next level.

27 February 2020
Verstraete IML Superclear IML

Do you deliberately opt for packaging that appeals to your customers? That’s a smart plan – now, more than ever. For that reason, Verstraete IML developed the innovative product "SuperClear IML”. The ultra-transparent film opens up the option of creating a no-label look. Can’t wait to see what it looks like in practice? The on-the-go tomato snacks container produced by Haval Disposables showcases every advantage.

Unique tomato container
"Haval has been around for 35 years and has years of experience in IML", says Ron Kastermans, Product Manager of Dutch company Haval Disposables. "With close to a hundred employees working on our thirty production lines, we’re no small company. And still...creating this tomato container was a true feat of ingenuity. We've been working with Verstraete IML for two years now. The technical support they provide us with was the decisive factor in teaming up on the tomato container too.’

Kastermans sheds more light on the process: "During the production process, we normally spray the label itself. For this tomato container, we sprayed up through a hole in the bottom of the label. The process is a new one, but it’s the only way to produce this customer-made packaging.”

IML label-integrated packaging
"What Poorthuis Packaging wanted was clear. Focus all efforts on the packaging's look. That's where Verstraete IML’s expertise comes in handy. With standard transparent IML labels you can still clearly see that an IML label is on the packaging, which slightly diminishes the transparency. Thanks to SuperClear IML, the IML label is fully integrated into the packaging, and the tomatoes’ appearance and color are an eye-catcher on the shelves. On top of that, the tomato containers have a Tamper Evident (TE) closure. This seal guarantees consumers that the product hasn’t been opened before, which means that it's fresh,” Kastermans clarifies.

On the go is on its way up
“The demand for this kind of on-the-go packaging just continues to rise. The convenient 175 g volume, the resealable TE closure and the practical dimensions make this tomato container a must-have grab ‘n go. Due to the fantastic success, the expectation is that we’ll have to rapidly expand our production capacity. Candy, yoghurt and pet food – this will open up a whole world full of new applications,” Ron Kastermans says.

100% recyclable packaging
Verstraete IML Regional Sales Manager, Jan Van Iseghem, tells us about it: “The major advantages of this packaging? It gives the product a unique look and is also 100 percent recyclable. That's a key aspect in terms of the circular economy of plastics.”