Two new prizes complement the IMDA Awards collection of Verstraete IML

10 July 2019

Each year, the American Professional Association IMDA, or 'In-Mold Decorating Association,' organizes the IMDA awards. The IMDA combines injection moulders, printers, and suppliers of materials and machines that are active in In-Mold Decorating. The IMDA Awards distinguishes the best IML packaging of the sector. The winning entries were chosen based on creativity in the packaging design, technique, and innovative character. 
The jury of the thirteenth IMDA Awards congratulated market leader Verstraete IML with its victory in the following two categories: ‘Best Part Design’ and ‘Best In-Mold Decorated Package.’ With this, Verstraete IML expands its IMDA collection to 14 awards after just four participations. The award-winning cases show, among other things, innovations in the field of functionality, such as Barrier IML. Thanks to Barrier IML, you can extend the shelf life of products while preserving taste, aroma, and color.

Verstraete IML wins an award with these two IML products:

  • Best Part Design – Ella Cappuccino

Ella Cappuccino is a real "on-the-go" product: the only thing you need is hot water, or you can also try it with cold water and lots of ice. Shake your Ella capsule for 20 seconds, open the capsule, pour the liquid into your cup, and add water.
The oxygen barrier IML labels guarantee the exceptional storage qualities of Ella Cappuccino with the special EVOH layer. This reduces the Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) value and keeps oxygen out of the packaging longer. In this way, the flavors and aromas remain intact for much longer.
Polyoak Dairy PackTubs, the producer of plastic packaging, Verstraete IML, and Star Gate Innovations, are justifiably proud of this IML packaging.

  • Best In-Mold Decorated Package – Almond Breeze Almondmilk Yoghurt Alternative

The new Sidekick packaging from packaging producer Polytainers has a double compartment, offers more efficiency on the shelf and delivers tangible results in terms of sustainability. Furthermore, the consumer can bring the ingredients together at the desired time by bending the second compartment.
The Sidekick packaging has been developed with thinner walls, whereby considerably less polypropylene is used during the production process. Both packaging and IML labels are produced from polypropylene, which results in 100% recyclable packaging. Furthermore, the Sidekick packaging can be stacked more efficiently, gaining 36% of space on shelf.
Blue Diamond Growers, Polytainers and Verstraete IML look back on a great collaboration.