UniPak and Metallic IML: a match made in heaven!

26 March 2020

Promotional packaging by the company Superfos, part of the Berry Global Group, decorated with labels by Verstraete IML: this is the cornerstone of the marketing campaign for Valentine’s Day, by dessert specialist Michel et Augustin.

Celebrating love on February 14th is a tradition that is being celebrated all over the world. Michel et Augustin, the well-known French biscuits and desserts company wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day, by launching a delicious chocolate mousse, available in milk chocolate or dark chocolate, prepared with the best ingredients containing no additives. Superfos provided a promotional Unipak for this mousse.

A clear message: ‘faire l’amour, pas la mousse’

The Michel et Augustin chocolate mousse packaging shows off a joyful and breezy message. Fun wordplay, combined with visually outstanding details, such as shiny and handwritten parts, add an appealing touch to the packaging. Michel et Augustin added a creative slogan, being “Make love, not mousse”.

Michel et Augustin’s marketing team:
‘The appearance of our packaging is important and we are very satisfied with the end result. We particularly like Superfos’s new technique to highlight colors: the offset print guarantees high-quality images, printed with UV metallic ink on IML labels. And all at minimal cost with Verstraete IML’s help!’ 

The container size: an invitation to share

In France, chocolate mousses and other ready-to-eat desserts are generally packed in individual small containers. By choosing a large 500 ml container with a handle, Michel et Augustin clearly sets itself apart. This packaging to share, invites to enjoy with your loved ones. A concept linked to love, affection and friendliness. According to the Michel et Augustin marketing team, it felt natural  to organize a promotional campaign for Valentine’s Day.

And the campaign has paid off: a recent marketing survey concluded that 35% of French consumers recognize the Michel et Augustin brand by looking at the container. “The metallic IML labels provided by Verstraete IML make the packaging stand out on shelf,” adds Pierre Maillot, Divisional Purchasing Manager at Superfos. “The product stands out on shelf and attracts the customer’s attention immediately.” 

Making chocolate mousse at home

The main idea behind the Valentine’s Day campaign? Not being alone on February 14th. With this thought in mind, inhabitants of several towns were able to enter a lucky draw. And what could they win? The unique opportunity to host a  chocolate mousse-making event in your own home. Michel et Augustin staff went to visit the 40 lucky winners and made chocolate mousse for their guests. It was a real success!

“We couldn’t guarantee anyone meeting their “one” on Valentine’s Day, but we could make this day extra special for the lucky winners!” continues the Michel et Augustin marketing team.

Michel et Augustin, Superfos and Verstraete IML: the perfect combination!

To achieve its goal, Michel et Augustin is working with Superfos: “Our packaging solution is a fundamental element of our brand image and marketing mix. Our business relationship with Superfos is constantly developing and getting stronger each year.” 

“This has been a positive experience we recognize when working with Verstraete”, Pierre Maillot emphasizes: “Verstraete IML is not just an IML printer.  This company, which I highly recommend, considers innovation and quality to be essential and believes in an approach focused on solutions. This vision makes it an extremely valuable partner in developing new IML packaging.


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