Verstraete IML’s SealPPeel wins Plastic Recycling Award Europe

10 December 2020

The prestigious Plastics Recycling Awards Europe 2020 were issued during the virtual Plastics Recycling Show Europe. Verstraete IML competed in the ‘Product Technology Innovation of the Year’ category with two entries: Interactive IML, an IML label developed for smart and intelligent packaging, and SealPPeel die-cut lidding, a completely new Verstraete IML product. SeallPPeel came out on top and was declared the winner.

The Verstraete IML team sees the award as a gleaming acknowledgement of its continuous focus on innovation and the ongoing engagement to develop products that contribute to sustainable plastic packaging and a circular economy.

SealPPeel is a great example of Verstraete IML’s efforts on sustainability. SealPPeel is a novelty which ensures the complete package is easily sorted and recycled: it introduces a mono polypropylene die-cut lidding, replacing existing aluminum lidding. Consumers no longer need to separate tub and lid to toss it away in a correct way.

An added value for the plastic packaging industry

“With 11 other finalists in the Product Technology Innovation of the Year category, the competition was fierce. We are more than proud to take the award home. We value sustainable development and are constantly rethinking existing in mould label technologies and developing complete new products (like SealPPeel die-cut lidding) in order to optimise, reuse, reduce and recycle. This award is a recognition of the added value our IML labels and die-cut lids bring to achieving a circular plastic packaging economy,” says Nico Van de Walle, Product and Circular Economy Manager at Verstraete IML.

The Plastics Recycling Europe Awards are designed to recognise and celebrate achievement throughout the scope of the European plastics recycling industry. They offer an insight into current developments in recycled material usage, product design and innovative manufacturing.