Verstraete IML shortlisted for prestigious Plastics Recycling Awards Europe

3 February 2020
Verstraete IML SealPPeel & Interactive IML

Verstraete IML has been shortlisted for the prestigious Plastics Recycling Awards Europe 2020 for Product Technology Innovation of the Year with 2 entries: Interactive IML and SealPPeel.

In the ‘Product Technology Innovation of the Year’ category, Plastic Recyclers Europe rewards new technologies which improve recyclable plastic products or incorporate recycled materials in product production. Both Interactive IML and SealPPeel by Verstraete IML are pioneering innovations which contribute to improving plastic recycling.  

Nico Van de Walle, Product & Circular Economy Manager at Verstraete IML, is particularly proud being nominated for the awards: “Education of consumers is key to ensure optimal collection – and thus, recycling – of plastic packaging waste. What if the package itself talks to the consumer and explains how to deal with it? With Interactive IML this is no longer science fiction! It brings information on sorting plastic as close to the consumer as possible. On top of that, Interactive IML is HolyGrail2.0 compatible, enabling intelligent sorting.

Verstraete IML attaches great importance to sustainable development. In mould labelling contributes to environment protection: the packaging and the label are made of the same material, forming a mono packaging that can be fully recycled.

By constantly re-thinking existing IML technologies and possibilities, the company takes a lead position in sustainability. This even goes beyond IML. SealPPeel, the second entry for the Plastic Recycling Awards Europe, is a great example of Verstraete IML’s efforts on the sustainability question: “SealPPeel is a novelty which ensures the complete package is easily sorted and recycled:  it introduces a mono polypropylene die-cut lidding, replacing existing aluminium lidding. Consumers no longer need to separate tub and lid to toss it away in a correct way.

The award winners will be announced on 26 March, during the second day of the Plastics Recycling Show Europe taking place at the RAI Amsterdam.

Open to organisations and individuals across Europe who are involved in the recycling of plastic materials, the Plastics Recycling Awards Europe are organised jointly by Plastics Recyclers Europe (PRE) and Crain Communications, organisers of the Plastics Recycling Show Europe. 
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