Verstraete IML wins no less than 5 IMDA awards

20 June 2018

The In-Mold Decorating Association (IMDA) has announced the winners of its 12th Annual Awards Competition. The 2018 IMDA Awards Competition honors the industry's best in-mold labeled packaging and in-mold decorated durable products. The winning entries were chosen based on creativity in design, engineering and innovation.

Verstraete IML won no less than 5 awards. Dieter Maes, Sales & Marketing Manager Verstraete IML, proudly says: “As always, it is an honor to win multiple awards in different categories. Together with our customers - the converters - we create great IML decorating solutions so brand owners can differentiate their packaging on shelve.
The award winning cases show look&feel innovations such as Metallic and Matt&Ultragloss IML, which become globally widespread. On the other hand, we have developed great ‘functional innovations’ such as Peelable and Barrier IML, offering brands great additional packaging characteristics.”

Here are the Verstraete IML winners for 2018:

Best Injection Molded (IML) Package, Gold Award


Spanish food producer Dulcesol approached injection molder ITC Packaging and label producer Verstraete IML with the request to provide an innovative solution to its single-serving soups. The new Naturcrem creamy soups are completely organic; there are absolutely no preservatives. The result is an attractive package with an IML oxygen-barrier label from Verstraete, which extends the products’ shelf life without requiring refrigeration. Verstraete IML utilized a combination of specific inks, a special lacquer, and a special pasteurization-resistant oxygen barrier film to create this innovative package. As a result, the labels on the IML package maintain their quality and look, even after pasteurization.

Best Injection Molded (IML) Package, Silver Award

Similac® Infant Formula Package

Abbott introduces a newly designed Similac infant formula container with compelling shelf presence. This new packaging features a large metallic label, color coded for each SKU; a practical size for portability; and an easy-grip feature for ease of use. The packaging is aesthetically pleasing with generous organic curves and contours, and a harmoniously flowing label through the grip feature. It is perfectly paired with vibrant colored domed-shaped hinged lid, and an overall package designed for easy cleaning and proper storage.

Best Label Design, Silver Award

Magnum Pints

Magnum Pints, the brand new smash hit of a dessert with IML packaging, has been available since spring 2017 on ice cream shelves in a large part of Europe. IML label producer Verstraete IML and plastic packaging producer Miko Pac were asked by brand owner Unilever to translate the design ideas for Magnum Pints into a packaging solution. The packaging is innovative and unique, as Magnum Pints are “Carefully made to be broken”TM. The IML label, produced by Verstraete IML, plays a crucial role in the unique cracking experience of the consumer. The combination of Metallic IML, UltraGloss IML and Matt IML makes this packaging a real eye-catcher in the freezer!

Best Part Design, Gold Award

La Frutta Ice Cream

Nestlé Brasil Ice Cream launched a series of 140 ml mono packs with a peelable IML lid including a spoon-in-the-lid. This packaging solution was specially designed for the on-the-go consumer. Plastic packaging producer Plasticos Regina, ice cream producer Froneri and IML label producer Verstraete IML were responsible for the development and production of the unique IML lid. The IML spoon-in-lid packaging eliminates two steps in the regular production process: the label does not need to be adhered afterwards since it is integrated into the lid and the spoon is an integral part of the lid.

The ice cream cup shows increased production efficiency, a commitment to responsibility, and a clever use of materials thanks to the IML spoon-in-lid.

Best Product Family, Gold Award

410 Plus Family

Berry Global developed the 410 Plus family to address consumers' desire for fresh foods. It is the first family of its kind in North America to have a barrier in-mold label on a clear container. The barrier in-mold label helps to keep foods fresher longer. Available in four sizes, including 8 oz, 12 oz,16 oz, and 20 oz, the 410 Plus family is ideal for fresh foods like soups, sauces, and dips. The shape is differentiated on the shelf and is excellent for microwave use.

The 2018 IMDA Awards will be presented to the winners at the 2018 IMDA Symposium, November 12, 2018, Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego, CA, USA.