Your business is five times more sustainable with Verstraete IML

28 April 2016

Our operations are focused on people and the environment, which is why Verstraete IML makes a great deal of effort to operate sustainably. Read more about our recent efforts:

1. From 4,000 to 500 tonnes of CO2 per year
We switched over to 100% green energy in December 2015. From now on, we generate our energy from solar power, biomass and power plants located on French reservoirs. It is a clear green commitment for which we will happily pay a little bit more because it means a difference of 3,500 tonnes of CO2 every year.

2. Fifty-seven measuring devices for conscious electricity consumption
Knowledge is power, which is why we have installed 57 electricity meters on our production machines and installations. These register any losses, the amount and the timeframe when we consume electricity. Smart adjustments are then made based on these results.

3. Goodbye fluorescent bulbs, hello LED lighting
LED bulbs are the most energy-efficient solution on the market and are around ten times more efficient than fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. This is why we’ve switched nearly the entire site to LED bulbs in just a year’s time. This investment also benefits our planet.

4. Energy-efficient printing presses with heat recovery
We don’t just buy energy-efficient printing presses; we also invest in a heat recovery system in order to re-use the heat from our printing presses as a source of energy.

5. 40% less wood and 15% less metal waste
We proactively reduce our waste mountain by working together with our suppliers to invest in reusable packaging. The result? Our wood waste has dropped by 40% and our metal waste has dropped by 15%.