The story of a printing company in full transformation

28 October 2020
interview Steven Van Belleghem and Nico Van de Walle

Steven Van Belleghem, international keynote speaker and renowned author, recently launched his 5th book entitled 'The offer you can't refuse'. It uncovers how the rise of technologies over the past few years has given customer expierence a whole new meaning. Technology will keep playing a role in customer expectations, but that's not all. What if customers start to have expectations that go beyond convenience?

The world is facing unprecedented challenges: climate, healthcare, government budget deficits, mobility… Companies will have the opportunity to tackle concrete world problems together with the customer.How can a company involve its customers in the solution to these problems? The combination of automation, being a partner in consumers’ lives and solving actual social issues will be the guiding principles for the successful business of the next decade. 

Case study: Verstraete IML

Steven Van Belleghem got word of our Interactive IML labels, and how Verstraete IML engages itself, its knowledge and its labels in the HolyGrail2.0 project. He thought Verstraete IML a textbook example of how a company faces the challenge. With 'the story of a printing company in full transformation', a case study in his book, he sheds a light on how we contribute to finding solutions instead of burying our head in the sand.

Steven Van Belleghem sat down with Nico Van de Walle, Verstraete IML's Product and Circular Economy Manager, to talk about our view on the war on plastics and how we strive for a circular economy. 

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