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Expert Talk Webinar on Sustainability - Tuesday June 16th 

Your focus on packaging determines the future

Sustainable packaging is becoming the new normal. And it should be, as by making our plastic packaging as light, recyclable or reusable as possible, we contribute to a circular economy and an overall sustainable future.

In our upcoming Expert Talk webinar you’ll learn that meeting sustainable requirements and reaching your sustainability goals is more within reach than you’d think. All by making the right decisions for your packaging and decoration method. Take responsibility and focus on sustainable packaging now, the future will thank you later.

Your reasons to join our webinar:

• Get insights on the main drivers of today for switching to a circular economy

• Learn how IML packaging helps you in reaching your sustainability goals

• Get the latest update on the European Circular Economy Action plan as part of the Green Deal

• Learn to see the eco modulated EPR fees as an opportunity rather than a threat

• Be part of the long run: don’t we all want a circular future?






The road to circular economy is paved with individual choices

Whereas attaining a circular economy is the result of a joint effort, it’s up to every single one of us to take up accountability in matters of sustainability. Being at the very beginning of the packaging journey, packaging producers and brand owners have to lead the way.

Whether it’s switching to the use of recycled materials, whether it’s optimizing recyclability, whether it’s to Eliminate, Innovate or Circulate as the Global Commitment states, the decoration method on your packaging shouldn’t hold you back from reaching your sustainability goals.

We strongly believe there’s a sustainable answer to every question, also for plastic packaging.
The time to question your sustainable choices is now. Because your focus on packaging determines the future.


Practical information

• Tuesday, June 16th
• 16h (CET)
• Duration: 30 minutes
• Speakers: Nico Van de Walle, Product & Circular Economy Manager at Verstraete IML and Stijn Billiet, Global Director Sustainability at Multi-Color Corporation
• Language spoken: English



The webinar platform requires Google Chrome as browser. This guarantees best quality audio and visual.


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