Verstraete IML announces new managing director

24 August 2020

A new milestone for MCC Verstraete

Since Verstraete IML was founded in 1974, it has always been led by Verstraete family members. In 2017, the company became part of Multi-Color Corporation. Along with this changeover, a lot of new market opportunities, challenges and partnerships came up. Now that the company is put on rails within MCC and it is ready for a future under the MCC flag, Koen and Griet Verstraete feel the time is right to pass on the torch.

From September 1st 2020, Peter Grugeon will be in charge of the daily operations, supported by a committed management team.

Who is Peter Grugeon?
Peter (°1975) has a master’s degree in bio-engineering. He’s a people oriented industry executive with broad international experience. Throughout his career, he gained a strong operational background and commercial experience as managing director both in Belgium and the US. Peter is convinced that motivated people make all the difference!

As the new Managing Director at MCC Verstraete, he will lead the IML business unit within Multi-Color Corporation and represent the company in MCC's Global Executive Management.

Photo: Peter Grugeon

How will he take up his responsibilities, and how does he see the company’s future? Let’s get to know Peter!

Why did you choose for MCC Verstraete?
"I have been working in the Food Industry all my career. This way I got to know Verstraete IML. The unique company culture really spoke to me. MCC Verstraete is more than just a label printer, its dedication and passion for every step in the production process, makes it a reliable partner with a lot of potential for future growth.

Also, the human approach - towards employees, customers, partners and suppliers - is atypical for a company of this size. As the company has always been directed by members of the Verstraete family, working for MCC Verstraete feels like being part of a big family. This is something which I believe will stay one of the drivers for future success. I want to maintain this unique culture whilst adapting to future needs and trends."

What are your plans with MCC Verstraete, how will you build upon what we have today?
"As the market evolves and MCC Verstraete continues to grow we have to safeguard this growth and make sure the capacity adapts accordingly.  We have to maintain market leadership and continue to differentiate on quality and service. Being part of MCC will make us stronger if we leverage this position well."

What challenges and opportunities do you see for the future?
"Needless to say, sustainability is one of the major challenges for the future although I see this rather as a unique opportunity. Partnerships that were set up over the past few years make that MCC Verstraete is well prepared. Our innovation pipeline looks promising, I believe we’ll launch some exciting new developments in the near future.

Adapting our capacity and footprint to respond to our continuous growth and increasing competition will be another challenge.  As the market leader we have to stay ahead.

I really look forward to starting this new challenge together with the team!"

Photo: Peter Grugeon and Koen Verstraete