Reverse IML

Labels are a crucial part of the total package; not only for the sake of aesthetic added value, but also in terms of functionality: labels must be able to withstand a lot once the packaging is on the market. Reverse IML is a new technology that offers many advantages, both environmentally and in terms of sustainability, when combined with various attractive ‘look and feel’ options.

IML labels printed in the standard way have the printing on the front of the label, which isn’t sufficiently durable because of certain specific applications. With Reverse IML, the printing is between the PP film and the IML packaging, which significantly increases the durability of the IML labels. Reverse IML has numerous look & feel options and functional possibilities:

  • ​SuperClear
  • UltraGloss
  • SoftTouch, Matte
  • FullColor, DoubleSided
  • ​Dishwasher-resistant
  • Resistant to pasteurization and sterilization
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Odorles

Verstraete IML attaches great importance to sustainability and is a member of the New Plastics Economy Initiative, which aims at a circular economy. The innovative Reverse IML is totally in line with this initiative because it promotes packaging reusability.

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